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We can offer a variety of accessories for our machines, such as washing stations, practical stainless steel custom-built cabinets with fine storage options, protective covers and dispensers, rewinders, etc., for our label machines. Our accompanying units are designed for easy installation and trouble-free use.

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Accessories for labelling

Our accessories for label machines ensure smooth and reliable operation.

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Räkneverk - omspolning av exakt antal etiketter

Calculator – rewinder

  • Rewinds exact count of labels
  • Up to 152 mm in width
  • Roll capacity up to 330 mm
  • Available for various core sizes
  • Speed up to 2350 mm/s
Upprullare för etiketter


  • Rolls up labels
  • Up to 155 mm in width
  • Rolls up to 280 mm in diameter
  • Core holder 25-101 mm
  • Speed up to 1250 mm/s
Omspolare etiketter


  • Rewind label rolls
  • Reverse winding, smaller rolls, etc.
  • Up to 270 mm in width
  • Rolls up to 220 mm in diameter
  • Speed ​​up to 1250 mm/s
Bordsdispenser för Etiketter

Table dispenser

  • Dispenses individual labels
  • Up to 115 mm in width
  • Rolls up to 220 mm in diameter
  • Label length 6-150 mm
  • Minimum speed 110 mm/s


We have a wide range of ribbons suitable for your label printer/machine. We offer various qualities: wax, resin, and wax-resin, as well as different widths, lengths, and colors. The quality of the ribbon is selected based on the design and material of your label, as well as the external factors the label will be exposed to. We recommend that the ribbon be a few millimeters wider than the label, so that the ribbon not only covers the entire width of the label but also acts as a protective barrier between the label and the printhead. This significantly increases the lifespan of the label printer’s printhead, which is one of the printer’s most expensive components.

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Färgband till etikettskrivare


  • Wax, wax/resin, and resin
  • Customized based on label surface
  • Available in multiple dimensions
  • Available in various colors
  • Durable prints

Ink & Solvent

We offer a wide range of inks and solvents for your industrial inkjet printers. We assist you in selecting the right ink based on your machine, the surface to be marked, and the environmental conditions the ink will be exposed to. Solvent is a crucial component that dissolves the color pigment and facilitates the ink’s spread on the material, thereby enhancing the ink’s durability and improving print results.

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Linx Bläck till industriell bläckstråleskrivare


  • Different volumes
  • Multiple colors
  • Customized according to needs
Linx Solvent till industriell bläckstråleskrivare


  • Prevents drying out
  • Wide range
  • For inkjet printers