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Trotec SpeedMarker 700 i produktionslinje

Leading spring manufacturer evolves with Trotec SpeedMarker 700

Stece Fjädrar AB was founded in 1946 in Stockholm by the Brandfors Brothers and Sten-Erik Cederberg under the name Bröderna Brandfors Spiralfjäderfabrik AB. In 1951, the company was relocated to Mönsterås, where it remains today. In 1971, the name was changed to Stece AB, and in 2008, a wholly owned company was formed, owned by and included in the Lesjöfors Group, which operates in Scandinavia, Europe, Asia, and North America. Together with the other 41 manufacturing plants within the Lesjöfors Group, they can now offer the market’s widest range of springs and strip components. Today, Stece Fjädrar AB have changed their name to Lesjöfors Industrifjädrar Mönsterås AB, which includes 3 units.

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Lesjöfors Industrifjädrar delivers products to companies in a large number of different industries, including agriculture, medical technology, construction, and infrastructure. Above all, the automotive industry is one of their largest segments, with Volvo and Scania being their biggest customers, and they have been their suppliers for a long time.

We went up to Lesjöfors Industrifjädrar in Mönsterås where we met Henrik Berg, technical sales representative, who enthusiastically told us about and showed us their factory and their production of compression springs and strip components.

“We produce mostly compression springs and have done so for many years, what has been added is wave springs, which we are unique in, and we are now heavily investing in automation,” says Henrik. They mainly produce high-volume articles for automatic grinding, which results in fewer employees.

The need to mark med laser

The need to mark products permanently arose when Volvo’s aftermarket realized the importance of protecting their products against copying. This led Lesjöfors Industrifjädrar to investigate the market for a suitable laser machine.

Trotec SpeedMarker lasermaskin märker metall
Lasermärkning metall i produktion

Lesjöfors found Logimark and were introduced to Trotec’s fiber laser SpeedMarker 700. The machine immediately met the needs of the business, and after a few weeks, the machine was delivered to Mönsterås. The installation went smoothly, and the staff received a brief training on the machine’s and software’s functions.

According to Henrik, it was no problem to get started, “it was easy to get going, and production could start immediately.”

The SpeedMarker 700 is part of their production line of Volvo’s product “Y-spring” for marking the brand and article number. We were impressed to see how efficiently the process went.

Lasermärkt metall med serienummer
Metall lasermärkt med serienummer

Their vision for the future includes continued growth and collaboration on more major projects. They are not opposed to taking on more marking assignments given the increasing demand they receive. Henrik expresses his enthusiasm for taking on additional marking projects and emphasizes that permanent marking has proven to work well and has been a relatively simple process. He emphasizes the importance of growing together with their customers.