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Nordic Plastic chooses Logimark’s Linx 8900 inkjet printer

Nordic Plastic Group is the Nordic region’s largest supplier of components and finished products in plastic. They are based in Trelleborg but also have a production unit in Helsingborg. Their range consists of plates, pipes, rods, profiles, foils and other types of accessories. Their customers range from large global to small and medium-sized companies operating in a variety of industries – including automotive, steel, food and medical technology. They mostly deliver within the Nordic countries, but exports also take place to other European countries as well as to China and the USA.

One day in August, Logimark meets four employees at Nordic Plastic Group – production manager Daniel Rubin, supervisor Mattias Nilsson and Victor Persson and Carl-Johan Nilsson who work in their workshop. About a year ago, just when Nordic Plastic needed to replace their labeling machine, they caught sight of Logimark. Their previous machine did not live up to their requirements and had both quality deficiencies and a need for a lot of service. Daniel Rubin, production manager, explains:

In connection with the lack of quality on the previous labeling machine, our customers began to place higher demands on the labeling. That we would not only label with text but also label their logo and the like. Therefore, there was a need to have a more modern labeling machine.

Since Nordic Plastics’ marking is not about continuous production but about individual markings once or twice a day, it was a requirement to be able to easily reset the machine. As the inkjet printer was not always used daily, there was also a need for it to be able to stand still without the ink drying again. This was a major problem with their previous labeling machine. To cover these needs, the Linx 8900 inkjet printer was chosen.

Victor Persson, who works in the workshop and uses the machine, says:

We would mark logos that would be as small as possible, but with the previous inkjet printer it was just a small black spot. With Linx 8900 however, it works without problems.

The Linx 8900 is a flexible inkjet printer that can print up to five lines, logos, barcodes and the like. It is easy to use and clean and requires minimal maintenance. The advantage is that the customer can carry out service himself with a service module and therefore does not have to wait for a service technician. The machine is also equipped with a 10″ color touch screen, which is easy to navigate. In Nordic Plastics’ case, the operator first sets what should be marked on the screen, for example logo and text. Then, using a hand conveyor to which the inkjet head is connected, the plastic product is placed and then the hand conveyor is moved aside and the plastic is inked with the programmed text and logo. The ink dries in less than a second, which simplifies production.

Everyone agrees that their labeling needs have been met, but that it has not only been about buying a labeling machine. It was also important that the company they were going to buy from not only sold a machine but also nurtured their customer relationships. With Logimark as a supplier of labeling machines, Nordic Plastic feels that it worked excellently, both with the choice of inkjet printer but also with the availability of service and spare parts.

Mattias Nilsson, supervisor, and Carl-Johan Nilsson, who work in the workshop, say:

The best thing about this machine is that it is very easy to use. Anyone can go in and use it. Our previous machine was impossible, in the end there were only three or four of us who could use it. With the Linx 8900, everything works perfectly and it has facilitated our production.