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Linx 8900 märker trä

UNE-Products strengthens the brand together with Linx 8900!

The successful family business from Leksand wanted to work more actively with its brand building, and at that same time new ideas about UNE-Produkter’s labelling began to emerge.

UNE-Produkter has a long tradition of developing and painting mouldings for the construction industry. It is a family business that today is owned by Pär Bergkvist but has gone for generations. The company was founded in 1954 20 km north of Stockholm by Pär’s grandfather Helmer Bergkvist, then with production of surface-treated building strip. UNE-Produkter was among other things the first in Sweden with painted cunning. A sawmill was then bought in Bergslagen, which supplied the list factory with raw materials. Today the company is based in Dalarna and Leksand, and is now a purely list planing company with surface treatment. They are focused on large construction companies as customers, and thus act as a subcontractor. Among other things, they work with companies such as NCC, JM, Nikkarit and Skanska, to name a few. UNE-Produkter is a modern company with a focus on working environmentally friendly and thinking sustainably, therefore they use only environmentally friendly colors and products.

There is no requirement that mouldings must be labelled and for UNE Products there was never any thought of doing so, but after the lists were tested with good results and that the review of the marking machines was above expectations, Pär was more than convinced:

“The machines are of good quality and very easy to use. It was also easy to integrate the machines into our existing production, so it was not possible to say no. In addition, labelling makes us stand out and we are not alone in the market, which is why it is important for us to really invest in our name. This makes it easier for the customer to remember if our logo is on the product itself.”

For UNE-Products, it has been a boost when it comes to brand building. Now they print all the frames with their logo and the frame profile with two inkjet printers Linx 8900. When the moldings are then assembled in bundles, the labeling machine Weber LA4050e notices the bundle with information such as color, length and logo.

The Linx 8900 is Logimark’s premier inkjet printer that is both easy to use and has minimal maintenance needs. It can write up to 20mm high text and has a large and user-friendly touch screen. Since the customer can perform service himself, with the help of a service module, it is a true asset in the production. Weber’s LA4050e labeling machine is perfect for label printing and applying directly to a production line. LA4050E prints labels with barcodes, text, date information, logos, and various information for the desired rating. It can tag labels with a size up to 160x300mm and print up to 120 labels per minute depending on size.

UNE-Products owner Pär says:

“The hope of labeling our products is to create a brand. We want to be better known than just in the market we operate in. We hope that when people change floors in twenty years and tear away the strip and see our name; That they’ll call us. That’s why it’s so amazing with companies like Logimark, who really see our opportunities and are so accommodating. We are very happy and the labelling is great.”