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Did you know that we produce all types of pre-printed labels?

Do you want high-quality labels that make your product stand out from the crowd?

With us you will find all types of pre-printed and unprinted labels in various materials – labels for food and bottles, multi-sheet labels, folder labels, security labels, seal labels, etc. You can add special effects such as foiling, embossing and lacquers to elevate your label even further. Only your imagination sets the limits!

It is you as the customer who decides how you want your particular label to profile your product on the market and we know what properties are required of the label in order for it to fulfill its needs. It is not only the design that is important to think about, but also what stresses the label may be exposed to. Heat, cold, sunlight, water and friction are some of the conditions that the label may find itself in, and then it is especially important to have a durable label. Depending on what kind of product and material the label is supposed to be on, we come up with the best solution for a sustainable result.

We at Logimark are reliable, flexible and responsive to the challenges of your business, and we have the skills required to ensure that your production runs smoothly and efficiently for a successful result. We know how important it is with short delivery times and that you get the right quality at the right price. In addition, our team is always present so that you feel safe in the process.

Our customers are found in, among other things, production and manufacturing, food and drink, industry, logistics, beauty and cosmetics. Regardless of the purpose for which your label is to be used, we help you find the optimal solution for your specific needs.