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Labeling in dairy – and the ice cream industry!

Yoghurt, milk, butter, cheese, ice cream and so much more! Companies in the dairy industry must adapt to the ever-increasing demand for dairy products by offering as wide a range as possible.

It can therefore mean devastating consequences if there are unexpected stops in the production line. By equipping yourself with state-of-the-art labeling equipment, you minimize the risk of downtime and increase the chance that the products will eventually end up in the consumer’s kitchen.

But what are the labeling requirements for the dairy sector? Which systems are best suited for this industry’s needs? What information must the labeling of dairy products contain?

There is no doubt that the dairy industry is a highly regulated sector. Market operators must comply with certain rules concerning the identification of their products. Here is a list of some of them:

  • Sales name
  • Net quantity
  • Expiration date
  • Storage condition
  • Batch number for product traceability
  • Nutrition declaration
  • Ingredients list
  • Origin
  • Company name and address of the manufacturer or packer.

There must therefore be a lot of information on the dairy products, and effective labeling systems are required to include the information as reliably as possible.

The right solution for your needs.

Labeling machines from Logimark offer everything from simple inkjet printers, high-speed label applicators and pallet marking systems. Our wide range of machines allows us to meet all needs – at all stages of the production line. But which solution is best for your particular production?

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