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Linx 8940 Spectrum

Product launch of Linx Spectrum 8940 – Revolutionary Inkjet Printer!

Less cleaning, more coding!

We are proud to introduce the Linx Spectrum 8940 in collaboration with our partner Linx Printing Technologies—an advanced inkjet printer taking print quality to new heights!

Benefits of Pigmented Ink:

Dyes filter light, they make the ink darker.  Pigments reflect light and make the ink lighter. This makes pigmented inks perfect for dark substrates like cables, pipes, bottles, electronic chips and automotive parts, which often tend to be black or darker in colour. Pigmented inks also provide extremely high colour-fastness that ensures the colour is retained for a long period of time.

Challenges with Pigmented Ink:

It is fairly well-known, especially to ‘white ink’ or pigmented ink jet printer users, that pigmented inks often have greater daily challenges and are not as easy to work with than standard dye-based ink printers. They often require more frequent servicing, daily cleaning, and often result in more downtime. But why?

Pigment isn’t naturally soluble in the solvent, which means, often there is:

  • A drop in contrast
  • Blocked filters, pipes and nozzles
  • Broken pumps and valves

Linx Spectrum 8940 has been designed with innovative technologies

This revolutionary new Linx 8940 Spectrum pigmented inkjet printer incorporates patented technology to ensure it encompasses all critical features for maximum reliability in white ink marking, resulting in longer service intervals, less cleaning, and increased uptime. Linx 8940 Spectrum simplifies traditionally challenging hard pigment marking, making it easier and more dependable. Issues commonly associated with pigmented ink have been addressed and resolved. Now, it is possible to print highly visible codes on wires, cables, and extruded products with reliability and without daily maintenance.


  • High-contrast pigmented ink: Sharp prints in high-speed lines.
  • High line speeds: Up to 10 m/s for demanding production environments.
  • Long service intervals: Up to 8000 hours or 12 months for seamless operation.

Unique Functions:

  • PureFlow® Filtration System: Ensures cleaner nozzles and high-quality prints.
  • Autoflush Technology: Unique head cleaning for increased reliability.
  • Vortex® Mixing: Dispersion of heavy pigments for consistent ink quality.

Discover how Linx Spectrum 8940 can optimize your production for outstanding results!

Contact us for more information or a demonstration. Let’s take the next step together in efficient and high-quality printing technology!