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ALE FLEX series

Our industrial inkjet printers with flexible print head.

Compact, economical and versatile system, our FLEX inkjet printers can print in any direction to meet all your labeling requirements.

The most flexible system!

The side, on top, from below or at an angle… you have the option to choose for yourself! Our FLEX printers are the most flexible and agile systems on the market and can mark in any direction. They are also extremely durable and can deliver perfect marking in cold, dusty and damp environments. They are available for both porous and non-porous surfaces, to meet all needs. Thanks to the simple but reliable design of the printers, problems are easy to solve.

Our ambition is to deliver more environmentally friendly consumption solutions with the right quality. ALE’s oil-based ink is completely mineral-free, which means that, among other things, printed cardboard boxes can be recycled!



    • Designed for ease of use, both installation and service
    • Can be mounted for marking in all directions
    • FLEX18 – 0.7 to 18 mm print height
    • FLEX34 – 0.7 to 34 mm print height
    • FLEX72 – 0.7 to 72 mm print height