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  • Närbild MasterPi Kontrollenhet
  • Närbild MasterPi Kontrollenhet

ALE MasterPi Controller

Ideal for multiple line applications. Capable of running up to 8 print heads simultaneously, this controller is a truly powerful yet easy-to-use device for all your production lines.
  • Can control all machine types from ALE.
  • Depending on printer selection, it can control between 1-8 print heads.
  • New wide 7″ LCD color screen.
  • Equipped with a powerful CPU board (DualCore) that helps you maximize your production with minimized downtime.
  • Prints from 0.7mm – 576mm.
  • Supports all graphic formats.

Product Information

MasterPi is the latest controller from ALE. With a new design and more powerful system and with the ability to run up to 8 print heads simultaneously, it is an outstanding production asset.

A single controller can drive up to 8 x 72mm printheads and handle a total print height of 576mm.

It is fully compatible with the entire ALE product range, running from 1 (TC, TZ and PR series) up to 8 print heads simultaneously (CORAL and CALYPSO series) depending on the model: MasterPi 2, 4 or 8.

The control box works with our comprehensive design and printing software, CodeX, which allows you to create complex messages using text, high quality graphics, data (fixed or variable) and barcodes. It is also implemented in Nicelabel and compatible with Windows.

The MasterPi controller has been specially designed to make your daily processes easier: its wide 7-inch LCD color screen, together with the user-friendly CodeX interface, makes operation much easier. Equipped with a powerful DualCore CPU board, this control box is also a very powerful and fast system that helps you maximize your production and reduce downtime. It can be easily integrated into your production area thanks to its different connection modes: TCP/IP, RS232, Wi-fi (optional).

Our ambition is to deliver more environmentally friendly consumption solutions with the right quality. ALE’s oil-based ink is completely mineral-free, which means that i.a. cardboard boxes with print can be recycled!