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ALE One18 Inkjet Printer

Compact yet powerful, the One18 inkjet printer combines the best features of the printhead and controller in a single printer.

The One18 is a stand-alone printer, also known as an “ALL-IN-ONE-box” with: 7″ touch screen, controller, ink system and print head, all in one machine. As the printer is made of high resistant material, the machine can fit perfectly in any production line.

The main advantage of this model is the quickness of installation: press “start” and it will be ready to print in no time!

Our ambition is to deliver more environmentally friendly consumable solutions with the right quality. ALE’s oil-based inks are completely mineral-free, which means that printed cartons, for example, can be recycled!



    • Compact inkjet printer with seven-inch LCD screen, ink system and integrated print head
    • 18mm print height and print speed up to 42m/min
    • Can print text, images, logos, codes and more on a variety of materials
    • For marking on difficult materials, including non-absorbent surfaces.
    • Ink can be refilled without stopping production.