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  • ALE Flex - Tvåfärgs printer
  • Printhuvud
  • Printhuvud - TC Twin
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The new two-color printer TC-Twin with a print height of up to 144mm can be delivered in different variants, for printing on absorbent or non-absorbent material.
  • The inkjet printer has an industrial compact design and can be easily integrated into your existing production.
  • It is easy to install and use and requires minimal annual maintenance.
  • The TC-twin has a library of security symbols preinstalled and prints up to 50m/min at 180dpi resolution.
  • TC-twin can print text, logos, images, barcodes, and variable data from 0.7mm size.

Product Information

Creating and printing two-color security data has never been easier. Forget expensive labels and pre-printed boxes. Official GHS / CLP logos are already stored in the software library to help you create your message, and colors are automatically adjusted thanks to powerful features in the software.

The two separate containers (one for each color) prevent the color from overlapping or leaking. The machine is delivered with two different print ribbons, 72mm and 144mm depending on the amount of data to be printed. The TC-Twin system is a perfect alternative to expensive labels.

The printer also have the ability to print two-color messages (logos, etc.) and all two-color sets can be selected from a variety of liquids.


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