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Labeling machine LM1300

For the labeling of round products. The machine’s spindle module works particularly well for full or 3/4 wrap-around labeling.

The LM1300 features a compact design with high mobility for marking round products. Choose for yourself between half wrap-around, 3/4 wrap-around or completely wrapped around to get a stylish finish on your bottles with high efficiency and accuracy.



    • Pneumatic positioning function for proper marking.
    • Advanced SICK sensor for automatic label size detection when changing labels.
    • Economical desktop model for limited space and high mobility.
    • The spindle module works especially well for full or 3/4 wrap-around labeling.
    • Made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy to meet the cGMP standard.



    – Best before date marking.

    – If your labels are longer than 300 mm, this can be customized on the machine.