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  • Förpackning hundmat
  • Livsmedelsförpackningar digitaltryckta
  • Stor zip-påse hundfodor
  • Förpackning livsmedel - miljövänligt material
  • Förpackning livsmedel - papper med zip
  • Hund som sitter ute bredvid en förpackning med hundfoder
  • Förpackning livsmedel Superfoods
  • Förpackning Livsmedel Kaffepåsar
  • Livsmedelsförpackningar kosttillskott
  • Förpackning Livsmedel choklad

Food packaging

Are you in need of flexible packaging that is lightweight, durable, and space-saving? Our digitally printed zip bags are perfect food packaging solutions for various products and can be customized in different materials.
  • Easy to seal and reseal.
  • Wide range of sizes.
  • Materials tailored to design and product needs.
  • Multiple design options.
  • Minimum order quantity is 500 pieces/design.

Product Information

Are you in need of flexible, lightweight, and space-saving food packaging? With our digitally printed food packaging, you can quickly and cost-effectively introduce new products to the market, creating a strong brand image.

Unique Food Packaging with Zip

We don’t offer just any zip bags. Our zip bags are perfect food packaging solutions that are easy to reshape and can be designed in various materials such as paper, plastic, aluminum foil, or a combination of these. There’s also the option to choose recycled material for food packaging. The resealable bag is digitally printed with the highest quality, allowing you to create a unique design that truly stands out. The latest technology enables us to manufacture bags quickly and efficiently with the highest print quality in small to medium quantities for various industries. There are both small and large zip bags to choose from, and each package of your product can have its own print and a unique design with a logo, text, barcode, or QR code, providing you the opportunity to communicate with your customers through the packaging. This makes our unique food packaging ideal for differentiating products from competitors and increasing brand awareness.

Advantages of Zip on Food Packaging:

  • Easy to seal and reseal.
  • Lighter than regular rigid packaging.
  • The size of the food packaging makes it more sustainable for transportation and storage.
  • Cost-effective.

Food Packaging for All Manufacturing Industries

With so many advantages, it’s not surprising that more and more companies are choosing to use zip-on food packaging for their products. Especially for food companies – snacks, food and beverage, it has gained popularity, but also for other products in cosmetics, health, and hygiene. Food packaging protects the product from damage and environmental impact, ensures freshness, and complies with EU requirements for plastic materials intended to come into contact with food. We offer food packaging for various products that are fresh, frozen, solid, and for liquids. We print, laminate, cut, shape, and if necessary, add valves.

What is the minimum order volume for food packaging?

The minimum order value is 10,000 SEK, and the quantity of packaging bags for this amount depends on factors such as material, barrier, size, and whether you need them with or without a bottom and/or zip function.

You need to order a minimum of 500 packaging bags for each design, size, and material.

For example, if you order 2000 zip bags, you can, for instance, receive four different designs at the same price, as long as it’s the same material and the same size of the bag.

Which material can you choose for your packaging bag?

It largely depends on what the zip bag is intended to contain and the desired effect or design. All our packaging bags are suitable for food, but depending on whether it’s, for example, frozen or fresh food, different types of construction are required. Our bags are built in two to three layers/barriers: outer layer, middle layer, and inner layer. You can combine different materials to achieve a unique design, and you can also choose a matte or glossy finish.

The following materials are available:

  • PE = Polyethylene (plastic)
  • PP = Polypropylene (plastic)
  • PET = Polyester (thermoplastic and synthetic fiber)
  • Kraft paper (white or brown)
  • Bags in recyclable or compostable material

PE + PE + PE = recyclable

PE + PET = NOT recyclable

  • Transparent bags are available in PE, PET, and PP.
  • Compostable bags are our most environmentally friendly bags, constructed from agricultural waste, cellulose film, and PLA, a biodegradable film.

Komposterbar förpackning Förpackningspåse transparant material Återvinningsbar förpackning

Compostable Material           Transparent Material           Recyclable Plastic




What can you do for custom printing on the bag?

Here, only your imagination sets the limits; you can create a design according to your own preferences. We use high-quality digital printing, which is advantageous because it is fast, and you don’t need clichés. This means that if you want to change the design, there won’t be a lot of additional costs.

What design options are available?

Tear Notch: A die-cut on the sides of the upper part of the bag, making it easier to tear open the bag for access to the product.

Corners: You can choose between rounded or straight corners.

Zip-påse med tear notch och runda hörn zip-påse med tear notch och raka hörn

Tear notch and round corners                            Tear notch and straight corners


Euro hole: It’s a standard hole in the upper part of the bag, mainly advantageous if the bag doesn’t have a bottom or is intended for hanging.

Zip-påse med Euro hole

Euro hole


Bottom: The bags can be delivered with three different types of bottoms.

  • 3-side seal: A bag without a bottom that is sealed from three sides.
  • Doy-pack: A rounded bottom, usually the most common option.
  • K-seal: Deeper, K-shaped bottom. You choose this option if you want to maximize the volume of the bag or if you have heavier contents.

Zip-påse med 3-side seal botten Zip-påse med 3-side seal botten

3-side seal


Zip-påse med Doy-pack botten Zip-påse med Doy-pack botten



Livsmedelsförpackning med K-seal botten Livsmedelsförpackning med K-seal botten



Opening Function: When it comes to opening the bag, there are three different options.

  • Standard Zip: The most common type of zip closure.
  • Without Zip: The bag is delivered without a zip function and is sealed only with a bag weld.
  • Velcro Zip: A wider zip with Velcro-like properties, beneficially used if the contents are in powder form.

Förpackning livsmedel med zip-funktion Förpackning livsmedel utan zip Förpackning livsmedel med velcrozip

Standard zip                                       Without zip                           Velcro zip


Valve: Valves in coffee packaging have become an essential component to preserve the taste and aroma of coffee beans. These one-way valves assist in releasing carbon dioxide from the coffee without allowing oxygen to enter.

Förpackning livsmedel med ventil

Bag with valve


What sizes are available for the packaging bag?

We offer a wide range of bag sizes. Depending on the bottom and opening function you choose, you have various options.

  • Bags without a bottom and without a zip are available from: (w x h) 50 x 90 mm – 300 x 350 mm.
  • Bags with a bottom and with a zip are available from: (w x h x bottom) 95 x 150 x 30 + 30 mm – 350 x 400 x 65 + 65 mm. Approximately 50g – 3kg depending on the product’s design.

How does the process work to get a printed food packaging?

Once you’ve determined the size and material for your bag, we’ll send you a template, or you can use your own if you have it. Follow the template to create your design and send it back to us. We’ll then provide a proof for your approval. Once the proof is accepted, we proceed with the printing process, and it takes approximately 3-4 weeks for delivery.