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  • Linx Bläck till industriell bläckstråleskrivare
  • Linx Bläck till industriell bläckstråleskrivare


We offer a wide range of ink for industrial inkjet printers and large format printers.
  • Ink for large format printers and continuous inkjet printers.
  • Available in various volumes.
  • Available in different colors.
  • Ink types for various needs and requirements.
  • Customized based on the material to be marked and the stresses the ink will be subjected to.

Product Information

Ink for any requirement

There is a wide variety of inks available depending on the needs and requirements.

Ink for excellent adhesion and contrast on various materials such as paper, cardboard, metal, glass, and plastic Inks that are resistant to many chemicals such as water, alkalis, acids, and cleaning agents. Capable of withstanding various temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius. Some are more quick-drying than others, and some do not emit a strong odor (suitable for “closed environments”). Inks for various industries and applications such as pharmaceutical products, food, cables, bottles, and plastic films.