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  • Legi Air 4050B Blow Box modell
  • Legi Air 4050B Blow Box modell

Legi-Air 4050B-BB

Versatile label applicator that is a non-contact Blow Box Model.
  • Non-contact application.
  • Easy to install, no mechanical adjustment needed.
  • Up to 90 mm label distance.
  • Applies up to 240 labels/min – 400 mm/s.
  • Label size 50 x 40 mm – 100 x 100 mm.
  • Application accuracy +/- 1.5 mm.

Product Information

Your production doesn’t stop, and neither do our LA4050B systems. With different speeds and precise marking, the Legi-Air 4050B BB applicator matches your product needs, ensuring higher capacity and performance. Like all Weber Print & Apply systems, it is compatible with all major pressure motors to suit your production environment.

The label machine uses compressed air and tamp-blow technology to apply the label (does not touch the surface), allowing for non-contact applications. A perfect solution for applying labels to delicate surfaces or fragile products.

The BLOW BOX applicator can label both the top and side of a product, whether stationary or in motion. The label slides straight out of the printing module on the applicator as the product approaches. When the product is perfectly positioned, the label is pneumatically pushed onto the product.

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