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  • LM1100 Etikettmaskin för flaskor
  • Etikettmaskin för flaskor
  • LM1100 Etikettmaskin för flaskor


LM1100 is a versatile labeling machine suitable for cylindrical products in industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and cosmetics.
  • Integrated control panel for easy adjustment.
  • Operates quietly using a step motor.
  • Product size: Diameter 16-90 mm, height 30-160 mm.
  • Label size: Width 10-100 mm, Height 10-300 mm.
  • Labeling speed: Approximately 20–40 bottles per minute (depending on label size).
  • Application accuracy: +/- 1 mm.
  • Machine dimensions: (L) 1090mm x (W) 850mm x (H) 440mm.

Product Information

The LM1100 provides a stable, accurate and compact labeling solution and works well in most environments due to its small size. It’s easy to use, fast and smooth when switching products, and is flexible for different products thanks to its adjustment controls.


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Data Sheet

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