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Linx 10 Inkjet Printer

A small, flexible inkjet printer designed for one-shift production lines.

For the first time, there is now an inkjet printer that you can easily move between production lines. The Linx 10 is designed for single-shift production and provides high-quality three-line printing on all dry substrates. With the smallest footprint on the market, you can move where you need to mark. However, it is not only the size that matters. Brand settings are easy, which means you can quickly change products without errors. The robust design gives you the reliability you expect from Linx.

The machine has an Autoflush system which is Linx’s automatic function for cleaning the print head. Even if you haven’t used the print head for a month, it prints exactly as it should without any extra cleaning or treatment. It saves time and consumables.

A robust labeling solution at an affordable price!



    • A huge advantage when space is limited.
    • Its light weight, carrying handle and print head make it easy to move to where you need to print.
    • A unique and integrated line speed sensor excludes the need for additional equipment. This makes installation fast and ensures that your products are printed at the right time and in the right place.
    • The stainless steel printer housing is IP55 rated, which is suitable for most marking environments.

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