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Linx 8900 Inkjet Printer

Our most popular inkjet printer for the producing industry.

Linx 8900, 8910, 8920 & 8940 – our best range for inkjet printing – improved and developed from our popular printer Linx 7900. The 89xx range offers, among other things, faster print speed and longer service intervals.

Do you spend unnecessary time cleaning your inkjet printers? Does this cause production stops and irritated operators? Do you have spills and dirt around the printers after leakage and complicated refilling? Switch to the Linx 89xx series and let us prove the opposite! This series features a new printhead and ink system to simplify maintenance, avoid costly downtime and eliminate mistakes. Linx 89xx has a large color screen for easy handling for the operator, writes up to five lines and can also print data matrix, QR code and barcodes.



    • Easy use and cleaning with minimal maintenance
    • The customer can perform service himself with a service module
    • Writes data matrix, QR code and barcodes
    • Up to 24 months service interval or up to 17.600h.
    • Approximately 100 starts and stops before head washing required
    • Option with Carton coding font 20mm high text
    • Can have longer print distance, up to 40mm
    • Low noise level
    • Fail-safe ink and solvent refill system
    • Writes up to five lines
    • Large and fast touch display, icon-based interface

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