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Linx 8940 Spectrum

New revolutionary inkjet printer designed to effortlessly produce high-contrast, high-speed line prints using pigmented ink

Linx 8940 Spectrum is a revolutionary pigmented inkjet printer, featuring advanced industry-leading capabilities that deliver superior print quality and reliability.

It marks with pigmented ink in high contrast on high-speed lines, reaching speeds of up to 10 m/s. Patented technologies provide extended service intervals (up to 8000 hours or 12 months, which is twice as long as most pigmented printers), reduced cleaning, and increased uptime. This makes pigmented ink printing as easy and reliable as standard CIJ dye-based printing.

It reliably prints on wire, cable, extruded plastic, glass bottles, and cans with white, blue, or gray pigmented ink.

Linx 8940 Spectrum includes advanced features such as live message creation, simultaneous editing while printing, and accurate meter marking for cable and wire applications.

Innovative hardware increases production time and extends maintenance intervals, ensuring a reliable start even after up to a month of shutdown.


    • 1.8-17 mm print height
    • 6 lines of text
    • Service interval up to 8000 hours or 12 months
    • PureFlow® filtration system ensures a cleaner nozzle for high-quality prints
    • Autoflush – unique cleaning for the printhead
    • Vortex® disperses any settled heavy pigment, ensuring ink consistency
    • Line speeds up to 10 m/s in challenging environments
    • Reliable start, even after a month of shutdown