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Linx large character printer IJ355/IJ375

Linx large character printer IJ 355/375, the user-friendly and cost-effective inkjet printer for large characters.

The all-new innovative Refresh ™ ink system, robust construction and printhead protection technology mean greatly reduced downtime and savings on consumables. The nozzles have stainless guards that ensure that the printhead is not damaged in the event of contact with the product, and the lower part of the machine is clad in stainless steel, which means that it can withstand even the toughest environments.



    • Linx IJ355/375 is a high resolution printer (180 dpi).
    • The print height is up 70mm.
    • The machine is self-cleaning and very reliable.
    • Self-cleaning.
    • User-friendly and robust.
    • Touch screen in color and WYSIWYGPrints text, logos, symbols, barcodes and 2D codes.
    • Line speed up to 550 mm/s.