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Linx Laser CSL 10/30/60

Brand new lasers on the market! Specially designed to be economical, versatile, fast and efficient. Designed for easy installation and operation.

Whether you have a quick line with simpler labelling requirements, or a slower line with a more complex labeling, the Linx CSL SERIES offers the most flexible quality labelling solution on a wide range of materials. The powerful processor makes it possible to print large amounts of complex variable information on high-speed lines. The life span of linx laser tubes is one of the longest on the market with up to 45,000 hours of uptime and this is achieved by optimizing the laser for your application.



    • Fastest 10/30/60 W laser printer in its class.
    • Powerful processor for faster tagging.
    • Removable print head and connectors for easy installation.
    • Flexible configurations to meet your labelling requirements.
    • Provides complex variable information and dynamic messages even on high-speed lines.
    • High speed marking with 60W laser tube and powerful processor – up to 2100 characters/second or 900m per min.
    • Letters up to 2000 characters per second.
    • Biggest rated area in the industry – 601mm x 440mm – mark with one laser instead of two!
    • Clear marking on glass with VisiCode®.