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  • Integra One - Bläckstråleskrivare för produker
  • Integra One bläckstråleskrivare i våt miljö
  • Integra One bläckstråleskrivare
  • Integra One - Bläckstråleskrivare för produker
  • Integra One bläckstråleskrivare i våt miljö
  • Integra One bläckstråleskrivare

Integra Series

Thermal inkjet printers for IP65 rated system integrators for safe use in harsh production environments. Logimark AB is the sole distributor of this series in Scandinavia.
  • Designed for tough production environments
  • Integrated display
  • Print height 1 – 12.5 mm
  • Marking speed up to 240 m/min
  • High resolution – 900 dpi
  • IP65 protection rating
  • Can be upgraded to advanced or pro

Product Information

Markoprint Integra OneMarkoprint Integra One IP– thermal inkjet printers for system integrators.Markoprint Integra One and Integra One IP are specially developed for easy system integration when space is limited.

The devices offer all the advantages of the proven Markoprint X1JET marking system and further develop it with an integrated display. This allows system settings to be changed and checked. In addition, it allows editing of variable fields directly in the systems.

Markoprint Integra One IP is available with IP65 classification (dust and water protection), making it safe to use in harsh production environments. Equipped with the well-proven HP technology, the system will print text, barcodes, 2D codes, best before dates, batch numbers etc. up to 12.5mm high and up to 900 dpi. With various water and solvent-based inks available for the system, high-quality marking can be achieved on almost all surfaces such as paper, cardboard, lacquered surfaces, foils and plastics.

Intelligent HP SmartCard cartridge monitoring provides consistent marking results. It identifies the current ink type and sets the appropriate ink parameters, making replacement of ink cartridges significantly safer, easier, and faster. The system detects opened cartridges and always reports the current ink level to the controller. You don’t have to expect unexpected production stops and your operator can easily provide refills on time. Thanks to the patented Click’n’Print cartridge holder, replacement is quickly and easily done with just one click.

Markoprint integra Quadro

The new Markoprint Integra Quadro controller controls up to four inkjet printers, with up to four print modes simultaneously or alternately. Now you get the opportunity to print on both primary and secondary packaging on multiple production lines. Mark barcodes, text, numbers, symbols and 2D codes. Depending on the print content and technology, a speed of up to 240m/min is kept at 300 dpi.

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