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Pallet marker 4050P

Weber LA4050-P label applicator for pallet marking. Double-sided marking of palletin motion.

The LA4050P labels pallets both in motion or still depending on what suits best in your application. In motion, up to 7 pallets per minute can be labeled with a label on the short and long sides according to GS1 standard. Multiple line settings can be saved to reduce product/format change setup times, resulting in increased flexibility and reduced conversion costs.

Like all Print & Apply machines from Logimark, the LA4050P can be equipped with a number of different printer models. This facilitates the integration into your existing systems for labeling and possible connection to economic systems.

The equipment can also be easily supplemented with a control scanner that ensures that the label is correct in terms of content and location. When marking on stationary pallets, this function also allows automatic relabeling in case of a fault detected during the reading, if the pallet is labeled in motion, a signal can instead be sent to stop the track.