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Rayjet R-series laser cutter

Easy to use with ergonomic design for maximum usability!

Our R series is the perfect laser cutter for all standard sizes up to 1300 x 900 mm. Cutting and engraving in acrylic up to 15 mm, wood up to 15 mm, textiles, paper and much more. Cut and engrave signs, gifts, toys, models, prototypes and various types of decorative and fashion items. Simple laser cutting: Powerful, fast, smooth and safe.

The exceptionally large view of the inside of the laser’s work surface makes working with the R series a pleasure. The large viewing window allows you to see your job progress at a quick glance, even from a distance. The ergonomic and open design of the R series makes positioning jobs a simple task and guarantees efficient use.

Protect yourself and your laser users with laser class 2, double locking safety system and shutter safety system. Stay safe in risky situations with built-in safety emergency switch and key switch.

Available in models R-400 and R-500.



    • Work surface: up to 1300 x 900 mm
    • Machine size: W 1550 x D 1080 x H 1080 mm / W 1870 x D 1700 x H 1110 mm
    • Laser power: 60 – 100 watts / 60 – 120 watts
    • Laser Type: CO2 Laser