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Rayjet U-series laser marker

The U Series has been designed for permanent marking of metals and plastics with data matrix codes, serial numbers or individual marking with fine fonts. Depending on the chosen lens, a marking area of up to a maximum 190 x 190 mm is possible.

With the U series you can mark single pieces as well as small and medium batches quickly and easily. With the new Galvo lasers, engraving companies, job shoppers and machine builders are able to easily mark components, type plates or tools – even in hard-to-reach areas.

A special feature of the U Series is the bordermarking function – this allows you to project the surface to be marked or even the contour onto the component at any time, position it in real time and, if necessary, correct it with a mouse click.

Best engraving quality thanks to high-quality optics!

High-quality lenses and an excellent laser spot guarantee a perfect application result for your laser marking. This allows even the smallest details to be marked precisely. Functions such as polishing and deep engraving ensure legibility even on demanding materials.

Due to the newly integrated interface, the laser can be controlled with any Windows PC. This means that you are no longer tied to the functionality of an Industrial PC.

The U300 is a class 2 laser desktop workstation, meaning no safety precautions are required thanks to the laser enclosure.

The U50 is an open class 4 laser system which can be positioned to mark large or bulky components. Additional safety precautions are required with the U50.



    • Available in models U50 & U300.
    • Has an intuitive software that is easy to use.
    • Both models in the U series are optimized for manual feeding.