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Rayjet U50 Fiberlaser

Rayjet U50

Fiber laser suitable for marking larger and bulky components.

The Rayjet U50 is an open system in laser class 4 and can be positioned as needed, making it perfect for marking larger and bulky components.

High-quality lenses and an excellent laser spot ensure a perfect application result for your marking. This allows even the smallest details to be marked accurately.

Primarily used for permanent marking on metal and plastic.


    • Marking area: 120 x 120 – 190 x 190 mm
    • Machine size: W 120 x D 643 x H 110 mm
    • Laser type: Fiber laser
    • Laser class: 4
    • Laser power: 20 watts
    • Engraving speed: 6-9.5 m/s
    • Software: UMark
    • Optional features include Motorized stand, Laser-safe protective goggles, Rotary unit, Two lenses, Exhaust systems