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  • Omspolare etiketter


Convert a larger roll into several small ones, for example when manually labeling.
  • Rewind an exact amount of labels with preset count values
  • Choice of core holder
  • Handles labels up to 270mm in width
  • Capacity for rolls up to 220mm in diameter
  • Speed up to 125cm/sec

Product Information

The recoil is a quick and easy way to deliver label rolls the way you want them. With two motors and your choice of core holder, you have maximum versatility for, for example, misadeed labels from larger to smaller cores or to change orientation. Both spiders can flush, roll and be controlled independently.


Related products

Räkneverk - omspolning av exakt antal etiketter

Calculator – rewinder

  • Rewinds exact count of labels
  • Up to 152 mm in width
  • Roll capacity up to 330 mm
  • Available for various core sizes
  • Speed up to 2350 mm/s
Upprullare för etiketter


  • Rolls up labels
  • Up to 155 mm in width
  • Rolls up to 280 mm in diameter
  • Core holder 25-101 mm
  • Speed up to 1250 mm/s
Bordsdispenser för Etiketter

Table dispenser

  • Dispenses individual labels
  • Up to 115 mm in width
  • Rolls up to 220 mm in diameter
  • Label length 6-150 mm
  • Minimum speed 110 mm/s