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RF Auto

RF Auto is an operator-friendly cardboard and bag marking system for productions at the higher speeds.

Thanks to a patented “gating technique”, RF Auto automatically adjusts itself to accommodate varying thicknesses of the product, resulting in reduced adjustment time and loss. Ideal for industries: food, pharmaceutical and medical manufacturers, cosmetics, etc.



    • High throughput speeds thanks to a large input container matched with speed control up to 90m/min.
    • The compact size of the machine with an optional collection conveyor allows RF Auto to be configured and moved easily between production lines.
    • High speed and accuracy are maintained by the use of a vacuum conveyor that increases the throughput of quality labels.

    Technical specifications:

    • Batch counter by default.
    • Minimum and maximum sizes (W x L) that can accommodate are: Max 400 x 300mm / min 80 x 30mm (Product dependent)