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System GESET 221

GESET 221 provides a simple and cost-effective solution with labeling that is accurate and flexible.

Geset 221 applies label to cylindrical products, precision is high and the machine works for both smaller labels, covering parts of the surface, and longer labels that go completely around with overlap. With its format, design and capacity, the Geset 221 is suitable for both the smaller producer, who wants to be able to move the machine around, and for those who have medium volumes and want to integrate the labeling system into their production line.



    • Easy to install, easy to use.
    • Products up to 175mm in diameter and up to 300mm in height can be easily labeled.
    • Format change is made easily with adjustable handles along the system conveyor.
    • Robust steel construction on wheels or fixed feet.
    • Ideal for lower to medium volumes.