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  • Bordsdispenser för Etiketter
  • Bordsdispenser för Etiketter

Table dispenser

In less than 30 seconds, only a simple adjustment is required for the length of the label, and then it is ready for use.
  • Handles labels up to 115mm in width
  • Handles rolls with diameterup to 220mm
  • Label length from 6mm – 150mm
  • Min speed 11cm/sec

Product Information

The dispenser is presented with a robust design and the latest in opto-electronic technology for dispensing individual labels. A special reflection sensor sits under the label and reliably detects the front edge of the label. The dispenser is equipped with a 38mm core holder that accepts all inner cores from 40mm – 76mm.

PC-1 PRE-SET COUNTER – Will stop the dispenser after a preset quantity is reached.


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Omspolare etiketter


  • Rewind label rolls
  • Reverse winding, smaller rolls, etc.
  • Up to 270 mm in width
  • Rolls up to 220 mm in diameter
  • Speed ​​up to 1250 mm/s
Upprullare för etiketter


  • Rolls up labels
  • Up to 155 mm in width
  • Rolls up to 280 mm in diameter
  • Core holder 25-101 mm
  • Speed up to 1250 mm/s
Räkneverk - omspolning av exakt antal etiketter

Calculator – rewinder

  • Rewinds exact count of labels
  • Up to 152 mm in width
  • Roll capacity up to 330 mm
  • Available for various core sizes
  • Speed up to 2350 mm/s