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Tamper Evident System

Pharmaceutical companies use tamper evident applicator from Logimark to seal their packaging boxes. The manufacturer of the machine is German Weber Marking Systems.

Pharmaceutical companies use Tamper Evident Safety Seals for a safe and convenient check if the original packaging has been opened before. The applicator seals the labels, either white or transparent, and has a perforated line to reveal whether the seal may have been tampered with.

“The dispenser often works around the clock on working days. It goes smoothly. It’s easy to refill new material in a few steps, and also to change to other product sizes!” – says Toni Kovacevic, Technician at Logimark.

Logimark has so far installed the applicator Tamper Evident mainly within pharmaceutical companies. This is because, in order to protect medical products against counterfeiting, the pharmaceutical sector must implement protection against tampering with unopened packaging throughout Europe by 2019.



    • Sealing labels for protection against counterfeiting and manipulation.
    • 2-sided corner labeling of foldable boxes.
    • Compact design to enable integration into existing lines.
    • Capacity up to 300 products per minute
    • The applicator is powered by a step motor.
    • Short adjustment times for format/ product changes.
    • Also handles transparent, perforated labels.
    • Applies label regardless of line speed with Tamp-Wipe On technology.
    • Double label rolls.
    • IP 40 rating and CE marking.

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