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Trotec SP2000 flatbed laser

Known for its robust design, Trotec's SP2000 is created entirely with high-quality components and parts that ensure a long lifespan.

Trotec’s SP2000 is equipped with a laser source from the American OEM manufacturer Iradion. The patented CeramiCore® laser source technology impresses with its reliability, engraving quality and longevity. The laser source’s resonator is 100 percent ceramic. Ceramic lasers can be operated at much higher pressures, providing better and faster pulsatility, resulting in higher cutting speeds.

The machine also has a perfect surface for feeding material, with openable doors on the front and back. This design allows for flexible input and output even when the machine is cutting, making your daily work more productive.


    • An outstanding work surface of 1680 x 2510 mm.
    • Overall dimensions of the machine: 2520 x 3214 x 1230 mm.
    • A CO2 laser source of up to 400 watts.