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Trotec SpeedMarker 1300 - Den ultimata fiberlasern

Trotec SpeedMarker 1300

With SpeedMarker 1300, it is possible to mark large, very heavy, and bulky objects.

With SpeedMarker 1300, it is possible to mark large, very heavy, and bulky objects or to mark trays with numerous components while benefiting from a closed laser class 2 system. This means that no protective measures, laser safety regulations, or laws apply.

Marking with a class 2 galvo laser system is suitable for complete traceability and brand communication. Using the innovative and user-friendly industrial laser software SpeedMark, it is possible to mark logos, photos, and texts, generate serial numbers, barcodes, and 2D codes, etc. on materials such as metal and plastic.

There are 25 preset programming modules which facilitate the production process.

SpeedMarker 1300 is available in various configurations, including different laser power levels, different axis systems, etc. Add available options and accessories such as rotating attachments, extra lenses, and many more.

Thanks to the new 3D technology Dynamic Shifter, it is possible to mark inclined surfaces, spherical objects, and cylinders.

The lasers in the SpeedMarker Series can be equipped with a MOPA laser. With a MOPA laser, it is possible to mark plastic with higher contrast and more detailed results. It can also mark (anodized) aluminum in black or recreate colors on stainless steel. Additionally, MOPA lasers are often faster than conventional fiber lasers.


    • Marking Area: 1000 x 450 mm.
    • Machine Dimensions: W 1300 x D 1030 x H 1800 mm.
    • Laser Type: Fiber laser.
    • Laser Power: Fiber 20-50 W, MOPA 20-100 W.
    • Engraving Speed: 6 m/s.
    • Software: DirectMark.
    • Optional Accessories: Rotating Unit, Dynamic Shifter (3D), various lens sizes.