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Trotec SpeedMarker 50 - Fiberlaser

Trotec SpeedMarker 50 Fiber

Speedmarker 50 is a high-quality Galvo laser for complete traceability and brand communication

The SpeedMarker 50 is an open system in laser class 4, allowing for customizable positioning, making it perfect for marking larger and bulky components. The use of a Ceramic-Core laser source enables an extremely long lifespan with minimal maintenance. Except for the filter mats and process lens, the system is maintenance-free.

The combination of a high-quality Galvo and a CO2 laser machine allows for short marking times with maximum efficiency. Together with the marking software and available interfaces, the result is a flexible and productive marking solution that meets the highest quality standards.

The lasers in the SpeedMarker Series can be equipped with a MOPA laser. With a MOPA laser, it is possible to mark plastic with higher contrast and more detailed results. It can also mark (anodized) aluminum in black or recreate colors on stainless steel. Additionally, MOPA lasers are often faster than conventional fiber lasers.


    • Marking area: 310 x 310 mm
    • Machine size: W 572 x D 851 x H 653 mm
    • Laser type: Fiber laser
    • Laser class: 4
    • Laser power: Fiber 20-50 W, MOPA 20-100 W
    • Engraving speed: 6.8 m/s
    • Software: DirectMark
    • Optional features include Motorized stand, Laser-safe protective goggles, Rotary unit, Dynamic Shifter, Extraction system (3D)