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  • Trotec SpeedMarker 50 CO2 laser

Trotec SpeedMarker 50 CO2

The Speedmarker 50 CO2 is a high-quality Galvo marking laser that can mark and engrave most materials
  • Marking area: 310 x 310 mm
  • Machine dimensions: W 274 x D 988 x H 172 mm
  • Laser type: CO2 Laser
  • Laser class: 4
  • Laser power: CO2 45-120 W
  • Engraving speed: 6 m/s.
  • Software: DirectMark.
  • Optional features include Motorized stand, Laser-safe protective goggles, Rotary unit, Various lenses, Exhaust system.

Product Information

The SpeedMarker 50 CO2 is an open system in laser class 4 and can be positioned as desired and is therefore perfect for marking larger and bulky components. The SpeedMarker 50 has a Ceramic-Core laser source, which enables an extremely long service life and
minimal maintenance. Unlike the SpeedMarker 50 Fiberlaser, the CO2 laser can mark and engrave most materials.

The combination of a high-quality Galvo and a CO2 laser machine enables short marking times with maximum marking precision. Together with the marking software and the available interfaces, the result is a flexible and
productive marking solution that meets the highest quality requirements.

The legibility of the laser marking is guaranteed by high-quality lenses and components.


Trotec Material Catalog

We offer the opportunity to order materials from Trotec. In the extensive product range, there are more than 1000 high-quality materials specially designed for laser and rotary engraving. The range includes materials available in many colors, thicknesses, and with a variety of surface finishes, ranging from classic sign materials to acrylic and wood panels. The material can be ordered in full sheets, half sheets, or quarter sheets, and you can also opt for a sticky back.

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