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Trotec Speedmarker series

Mark inclined surfaces, spherical objects, bowls, cylinders and pipes up to 100x faster with Speedmarker laser marking machines.

Logimarks’ SpeedMarker laser marking machines offer high productivity and are perfect for those who work in mechanical engineering, in the electronics industry or with engraving in the materials metal or plastic. Whether you work with individual components or with large batches, they are marked with a class 2 laser system for complete traceability, brand communication and functional marking. This saves time and reduces your operating costs.

3D objects to be marked no longer need to undergo a slow mechanical rotation and time-consuming mounting, thanks to the virtual rotary engraving and a software-controlled lens system. Endless script options and high-quality lenses ensure consistent quality of repeat markings. With the help of a graphical process-oriented interface, you can plan the marking process visually without advanced programming skills. You also save time and reduce defective products to a minimum due to the integrated parameter database for different materials.

Our SpeedMarker series offers endless design possibilities of component markings, logos, dynamic data (barcodes, serial numbers, etc.) images, and even legible 1-point fonts and the smallest geometric shapes.

Trotec MOPA Laser source – expand your options for marking metals and plastics!

With our MOPA laser source, you can mark plastics in higher contrasts and with more detailed results. Mark (anodized) aluminum in black or reproduce colors on stainless steel. In addition, the MOPA function is often faster than the conventional fiber laser. With the MOPA laser source, you can adjust the pulse length variably and reduce it to a few nanoseconds compared to conventional fiber laser sources.

Due to shorter pulses as well as lower pulse energy, the material is not heated as much, which gives a clearly higher contrast that gives a more uniform result. So for those who have strict requirements regarding marking on metal and plastic, the MOPA laser source opens up completely new possibilities.

Do you have any questions about our MOPA feature? Do you have similar requirements for your marking and engraving? Our experts look forward to your inquiry and advise you on your options, completely without obligation.

In the video below we show different samples marked with a SpeedMarker 700 with a MOPA laser source.