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Labels unprinted

Logimark has labels for all purposes!

We offer a wide range of custom-sized, blank labels, both large and small quantities, that you can print on using a thermal transfer printer. Blank labels are suitable for those who want to print information in the form of text and barcodes, but of course, they are also used for other purposes.

When designing and choosing labels, it is important to keep the label’s material in mind. In order to determine the material, it is also important to consider the surface on which the label is to be applied. For example, rubber needs a certain type of label while plastic needs another. Other important aspects to take into account are what kind of environment the label will be in and what it should withstand. A label that is to be exposed to the elements should withstand both water and sunlight. Of course, there is a lot to think about – but we are happy to help you!

No matter what you want for the characteristics of your label, we have the material for you. We will be happy to come and talk through your needs and wishes!