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  • Upprullare för etiketter


This reel has an adjustable core holder with both twist- and direction function that is fully controllable from the control panel.
  • Handles labels up to 155mm in width
  • Capacity for rolls up to 280mm in diameter
  • Adjustable core holder from 25mm – 101mm
  • Speed up to 125cm/sec

Product Information

Label rewinders are useful devices that simplify label application. These units make it easy to rewind and dispense labels for smooth and fast application.

Robust steel construction with heavy gauge makes this rewinder easy to set up. Dual torque also provides plenty of power for use with a slitter. Reliable, high-quality, and maintenance-free!

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Räkneverk - omspolning av exakt antal etiketter

Calculator – rewinder

  • Rewinds exact count of labels
  • Up to 152 mm in width
  • Roll capacity up to 330 mm
  • Available for various core sizes
  • Speed up to 2350 mm/s
Omspolare etiketter


  • Rewind label rolls
  • Reverse winding, smaller rolls, etc.
  • Up to 270 mm in width
  • Rolls up to 220 mm in diameter
  • Speed ​​up to 1250 mm/s
Bordsdispenser för Etiketter

Table dispenser

  • Dispenses individual labels
  • Up to 115 mm in width
  • Rolls up to 220 mm in diameter
  • Label length 6-150 mm
  • Minimum speed 110 mm/s