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  • X1JET - Storskrift produktionlinje
  • X1JET XR71. Tydlig märkning
  • Bläckmärkning på låda
  • X1JET - Storskrift produktionlinje
  • X1JET XR71. Tydlig märkning
  • Bläckmärkning på låda


XR Class technology stands for excellent print quality of texts, barcodes on absorbent and semi-absorbent surfaces.
  • Print height: 2 – 71 mm at 180 dpi
  • Up to 600 dpi (horizontal)
  • Optimized for larger barcodes and text
  • Printing speed 67 m/min at 180 dpi
  • Perfect for detailed logos
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Low total cost of ownership

Product Information

Flexible and Efficient Production Labeling

XR Class technology offers high-quality printing of texts and barcodes on absorbing and semi-absorbing surfaces. With 500 individually controllable nozzles, it can print text and graphics up to 71 mm high, suitable for various applications. Additionally, it can print small fonts down to 2 mm and detailed logos without issues. The proven piezoelectric technology enables printing speeds of up to 67 m/min at 180 dpi, and with multiple print heads, heights up to 568 mm can be achieved. It can also be used for coding packages on two sides (from above, from the side, on different production lines).

The simple setup and ink system ventilation, along with the integrated maintenance module for nozzle plate cleaning, allow users to operate the system effortlessly and intuitively.

Efficient with Large Ink Capacity

With a generous ink volume of 500 ml, the need for frequent ink bottle changes is reduced. The integrated NonStopPrinting feature allows replenishment of consumables during operation to ensure continuous printing. With a print head distance of 5 mm from the product, the XR print head is optimal for printing on nearly all absorbing and semi-absorbing surfaces with high precision. Its nearly maintenance-free design keeps costs down due to low ink consumption at high performance and is characterized by a long lifespan.

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