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Tight production budget in challenging times?

Wherever you are, there’s no escaping the fact that almost everything is going up in price. Electricity, commodities, housing – the list is endless. That’s why it’s so important that in these challenging times, where budgets may be tight, you don’t get a nasty surprise once you’ve purchased your new printing machine.

This is where total cost of ownership plays the biggest role! You don’t want to get an affordable printing unit that hides all the extra costs and kills your budget.

Let’s take a car purchase for example – you know when you drive it away from the dealership that your expenses aren’t over. There are additional expenses to consider: fuel and/or electricity, road tax, servicing, not to mention unexpected breakdowns, tyres, insurance and roadside assistance.

The same can be said about industrial marking machines. You usually need to take into account other costs in addition to the machine price. SO, how do you calculate the total cost of ownership to get the best value? With the help of our expertise and calculations, we can show you what the cost of ownership will be for our various inkjet printers (CIJ), thermal transfer printers (TTO) and laser printers. Contact us and we’ll help you compile all the numbers so you can make the optimal choice for marking machines.

Let’s look at some of the ways you can save costs when buying a new printer.

Are you considering a new inkjet printer? Find out how long the machine’s service intervals are. Perhaps there is also the possibility of performing the service yourself?

Take a look at the user interface: is it intuitive? How much training would be required and is it logically designed to minimize handling errors and keep costly rework to an absolute minimum?

Don’t forget consumables! At Logimark, our fast drying 1240 ink for CIJ printers will support 40% of all applications. In addition, the innovative ‘upside down’ ink cartridge design ensures that every drop is used.

In contrast, Logimark’s laser printer uses no ink or solvent. The robust design gives the machine a long service life, which increases the output while keeping costs down. If you are currently in a factory with high production line usage or use a marking device that consumes large volumes of ink, this may be an excellent option for you to consider.

Of course, there are other technologies available from Logimark that offer cost-saving benefits! Contact us for an unconditional meeting about how we can help you keep costs down in your production!