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Etiketteringsmaskin Logimark

Rechon Life Science chooses a serialization and aggregation solution

EU Directive 2011/62/EU issued in 2011 legal requirements for an European security system to prevent counterfeit medicines. Logimark offers a secure labeling system for database-stored traceability and tamper-proof sealing of packages.

Rechon Life Science, a Swedish pharmaceutical and packaging company chooses Logimark to implement traceability solutions that complement Rechon’s pharmaceutical production and packaging services. To meet the legal requirements, Rechon requires a software solution that is flexible enough to change line configurations per customer needs, be able to generate and securely import/export unique serial numbers, and offer a workable model for pricing.

The project includes serialization and aggregation on Rechon’s existing labeling lines with weighing systems. Seal labels are applied to the sides of the drug packages. Perforating the labels will expose tampering by degradation of the labels. After this, a code and closure check of a vision system takes place. The package will be rejected if the marking is incorrect or if a label has been applied incorrectly. Only approved products leave the facility.