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Industrial inkjet printers

Industrial inkjet printers are advanced machines revolutionizing the marking process across various industries. These printers utilize ink to apply text, barcodes, batch codes, expiration dates, logos, and graphics with unparalleled precision and speed. Capable of producing micrometer-accurate text, they enable precise marking on materials ranging from packaging and metals to glass, plastic, and more. Their high precision ensures each marking meets high quality standards, facilitating traceability in complex supply chains.

Integrated marking solution for efficient production

We offer a range of printers, from handheld devices to continuous inkjet printers with impressive speed, capable of handling production lines with both small and high volumes. With easy access to ink, these machines require minimal downtime, enabling continuous production. Our inkjet printers are designed for seamless integration into existing production lines and automated systems, allowing for customization to suit different workflows.

Fast printing and minimal maintenance!

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Continuous Ink Jet - Inkjet Printer

You can use our continuous inkjet printers to print variable information, such as dates or batch codes, on products as they move along the production line – regardless of size, shape, material, or texture.

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Linx Kontinuerlig Bläckstråleskrivare

Linx 8940 Spectrum

  • Pigment Ink
  • High print quality
  • 1.8 – 17 mm height
  • High-speed lines
  • 6 lines of text
Bläckstråleskrivare Linx 10

Linx 10

  • Simple model
  • 1.8 mm – 8.8 mm height
  • Low to medium-speed production
  • 3 lines of text
  • 18-month service interval
Bläckstråleskrivare Linx 8900

Linx 8900 – Series

  • 24/7 operation
  • 6 lines of text
  • 1.8 mm – 20 mm height
  • High-speed production
  • 24-month service interval
Linx 7900 Spectrum - Industriell bläckstråleskrivare

Linx 7900 Spectrum

  • For colored ink
  • 1.1 mm – 13.8 mm height
  • 5 lines of text
  • For advanced production
  • High-speed lines

Continuous Ink Jet - Large print

If you want to mark clear, legible text and symbols with ink, we recommend our large character inkjet printers, which can mark up to 144 mm in height. Large character printing is ideal for packaging, signage, pallets, etc., and can be adapted for various industries and requirements.

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X1JET XR 71 - Optimal bläckstråleskrivare i produktionslinjen


  • Can mark on two sides
  • Print height 2-71 mm
  • Detailed printing
  • Speed 67m/s
ALE Flex bläckstråleskrivare

ALE FLEX – Series

  • Can mark in all directions
  • Durable in tough environments
  • 0.7 – 72 mm height
  • Porous or non-porous surface
ALE Easy Storskrifts bläckskrivare

ALE EASY series

  • Side marking
  • Durable in tough environments
  • 0,7 – 144 mm height
  • 3 different printhead heights
ALE Flex - Tvåfärgs printer


  • Two-color printer
  • Safety symbols
  • 0,7 – 144 mm height
  • Porous or non-porous surface
ALE One 18 - Bläckstråleskrivare för storskrift

ALE One18

  • All-in-one
  • 34 mm height
  • Tough materials
  • Porous or non-porous surface
ALE Fullfärgsserie

ALE Full colour series

  • Colorful marking
  • High-quality printing
  • 72 and 144 mm height
  • Porous or non-porous surface
Linx Storskriftsprinter

Linx IJ355/IJ375

  • Mark on the side
  • Durable in tough environments
  • Up to 75 mm height
  • Speed 550 mm/s

Patronage system

Our inkjet printers, which use ink cartridges, are perfect for those who want to mark smaller texts that need to be very high-resolution. The surface of the material should preferably be smooth and fine, and the cartridge systems work well with smaller production volumes. They also require less maintenance; when the cartridge is empty, simply replace it, and production can resume!

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MarkoPrint X1-Jet HP MK#

X1 Jet HP MK3

  • Low production volume
  • Up to 600 dpi
  • 1-12.5 mm height
  • Speed 90 m/min
x1 jet Handhållen

Handheld X1 JET HP

  • Handheld
  • Low production volume
  • 1-12.5 mm height
  • Up to 600 dpi
Bläckstråleskrivare IP-JET patronsystem


  • Rough Environment
  • IP65 Protection Rating
  • 1-12.5 mm height
  • Up to 600 dpi
Bulk System ZTV HP bläckstråleskrivare

Bulk System ZTV HP MK2

  • Ink Supply System
  • High Production Speeds
  • For High Ink Consumption
  • Up to 300 dpi
Stöttålig bläckstråleskrivare

Integra PP 108

  • Shock resistant
  • Marking speed up to 600m/m
  •  1-108 mm height
  • Absorbent surfaces
Integra One - Bläckstråleskrivare för produker

Integra Series

  • Rough Environments
  • IP65 Protection Rating
  • 1-12.7 mm height
  • Up to 900 dpi
Integra Ultimate industriellt skrivhuvud

Integra Ultimate

  • Rough Environments
  • IP65 Classification
  • 1-25 mm Height
  • Up to 900 dpi