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  • Automatisk bläckförsörjningssystem
  • Automatisk bläckförsörjningssystem
  • Bläckmärkning på kartonger
  • Automatisk bläckförsörjningssystem

Bulk System ZTV HP MK2

Logimark presents our new bulk system, unique on the market. Invest in a system that is up to 10 times cheaper than ordinary cartridge printing!
  • For productions with high ink consumption.
  • Cartridges report ink levels to the ink system in real time.
  • The cartridges are automatically refilled during labelling.
  • Free installation height of the tank system.
  • The use of solvent-based inks is possible for marking non-absorbent materials.
  • The system pays for itself quickly thanks to a lower ink price.
  • IP40 rated.

If you have existing X2 and X4 units from us, you can upgrade these and build into the ZTV system for a complete solution.

Product Information

The ZTV HP MK2 is a fully automatic ink supply system with integrated intelligence. The machine can run at 180m/min at 300 dpi. If you lower the dpi, you can increase the speed further. The system is capable of incredible speeds and is particularly suited to the high-volume printing industry.

The cartridges are larger than usual at a whopping 400ml, so you’ll have longer runs before the cartridges need changing. When a change is needed, it can be done while the machine is still in operation. You never have to stop the process! The cartridges are monitored by an integrated level sensor. If a pre-defined ink level is below the threshold, it is automatically refilled.

The cartridge holder in the Bulk System is designed for convenient storage of already opened cartridges, also to protect them from leakage or drying out. The ink supply is controlled by a pressure regulator and is independent of gravity and vibration. This makes the system well suited for the use of solution-based inks as well.

The bulk system runs with Smartcard monitoring for communication between the supply tank, ink cartridges and ink container via EIA232 interface. Only when the values of the cartridges and the ink container match, the system starts to work. In this way, we exclude any misuse of the cartridges or the tank.

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